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Our workshops are your entry point to embedding ethics into your business. We run workshops for organisations of all sizes to help educate and develop their staff's understanding of the importance of tech ethics and how it impacts their work. 


Introduction to tech ethics   

2 hours, all levels

When you design or engineer a product, you believe that it will have a positive impact on your target market. But do you have the resources to think about how your technologies might affect society as a whole? This remote workshop will introduce you to the basics of ethical thinking and will help you implement ethics in your working day.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction to ethics and morality with a focus on human rights

  • Discussion around governance and implementation

  • An understanding of the language and process of ethics by design

The Ethics of AI and Algorithms   

2 hours, all levels

Technology professionals have a profound role in today’s society. The products they design are changing the way we live and even changing what it means to be human. This has the potential to deliver a lot of benefit, but also requires ethical thinking to ensure that we create a society that works for everyone.

Key takeaways:

  • Introduction to ethics of artificial intelligence

  • Introduction to the ethics of data collection and algorithmic processes

  • Workshopping through different thought experiments and scenario planning

  • A focus on how power is discussed in the context of algorithms and artificial intelligence.


Privacy, Democracy and Technology Workshop  2 hours, all levels


What does it mean to design a 'democratic' technology?

Western democracies are under new pressures from digital technologies. Whereas before, the internet was seen as an exciting new platform to increase political engagement, encourage the participation of previously underrepresented groups, and improve innovation, now we understand that new forms of communication have created new arenas of power.

This workshop will focus on the way that technology is changing democracy and the theories of privacy.


Key takeaways

  • Introduction to theories of democracy

  • An understanding of the democratic process, and how different technologies can impede or augment democratic institutions

  • A conceptual definition of privacy, and an understanding of why privacy is so important for humanity.

Ethics of Digital Marketing

2 hours, all levels

Marketing is a vital part of human communication. We build products that we believe will positively impact human lives and the world, and we want to share these products so they reach and are understood by the people who need them the most. However, many of the popular platforms available to marketers do not respect human rights.


Facebook has refused to ban racist and violent content. Its ad platforms have promoted genocide and it is consistently considered a threat to democracy. Google are actively involved in military contracts and their ad platforms have promoted genocide denial. They have tried to create censored search engines and paid extremists through ad revenue on Youtube.


Are you confident your marketing practices aren't funding hate speech or fake news? Can you confidently say that your marketing promotes diversity and prioritises harm reduction?


Key takeaways

  • An introduction to ethics of digital marketing including an introduction to digital privacy and surveillance, seduction and persuasion and democratic information environments.

  • An introduction to negotiating ethical conflict.

  • Building a roadmap for change internally in your company and externally to campaign for diversity in the digital marketing landscape.


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