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Cog X Award Winners 2022 - "Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions Award for AI Ethics"

Over the last 5 years, the CogX awards have "championed some of the finest practitioners of innovation across the world" and the awards aim to "come together to explore and celebrate those innovators, visionaries, and change-makers who are helping us get the next ten years right".

With this in mind, we are absolutely thrilled to say Hattusia has won the Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions in AI Ethics Award - especially as our aim is very much on making ethics a priority today in a way that positively impacts the future.

CogX describes the AI Ethics award Hattusia won as:

Understanding the ethical risks of AI and taking action to preserve our human values in an ever-changing technological setting is one of the most important challenges facing society. With this award, we recognise the work of a company or individual that continues to lead this effort and inspires constructive dialogue on how to approach our future in an artificially intelligent world.

The CogX Awards 2022, took place on Monday, 14th March, to "celebrate the innovators and change makers impacting our world".

Outstanding Achievements & Research Contributions: Recognising those who have contributed their services with a passion, dedication and commitment to knowledge, society, culture, or innovation

Hattusia founder, Alice Thwaite, said, "We've put a lot of resources into building a transformation programme for businesses which involve accessible workshops, assessments and implementation policies. For such a small and independent team, this is such a huge honour and we really appreciate the recognition of our work so far. We can't wait to see ethics becoming a vital part of all technological progress and products."

CogX's focus is to be an inclusive and forward-thinking community of leaders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, scientists, policymakers, artists and activists across the world. CogX also holds the key CogX Festival each year.


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