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Our event moderation policy

Like many organisations, we publish easily accessible posts on social media. We also house a monthly virtual meet up and occasional face-to-face events. We welcome everyone to engage with our views and our meetings but we do have operate a moderation policy. If we choose to remove an attendee from an event or delete a comment from social media there are no arguments - our decision is final.

Our event moderation policy

This is a facilitated and moderated space. The rules and conduct are as follows:

  • Please don’t record the event - we will publish a full write up of the provocation (as created by Georgia Iacovou).

  • If you would like to contribute then please raise your hand using the ‘reactions’ button on Zoom.

  • Give everyone an equal chance to speak - if you have already spoken then other voices will be prioritised.

  • We may discuss sensitive topics - please treat everyone with respect as we may have different perspectives and experiences.

  • We operate a zero tolerance policy to hate speech. If you are discriminatory in any fashion towards a person or particular group then you will be ejected from the meet up.

We have a ‘calling in’ policy. This means:

If you believe that someone has behaved in a manner which is disrespectful towards another person or a group of people then we ask the attendee please direct message (DM) the facilitator or the co-facilitator on Zoom. We will then DM the offender with the complaint. If the wrongdoer continues to behave inappropriately, or they use hate speech, we will remove them from the event without warning.

A culture of ‘calling in’ encourages personal reflection on the topic at hand. It also means that aggressions can be dealt with without amplification, and the conversation can continue.

If you choose to call someone in yourself, please message the facilitators so they can moderate the event successfully - it may be that multiple people have expressed concern.


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