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Our first Hattusia community meet up... in real life!

At last, we meet again! After countless lockdowns, cancelled parties, weddings and birthdays (and who can forget a cancelled Christmas for many) and one too many online quizzes, we were finally able to have our first Hattusia meet up in person! And it was worth the wait!

A big thank you to everyone who made it on 7th October. Thank you also to Newspeak House for letting us take over their fantastic Newspeak Terrace.

For those of you not based near London and unable to make the in-person meet ups, we also organise monthly virtual community meet ups and absolutely everybody is welcome.

You don't have to be working in tech to join the meet ups - they are deliberately put together for anyone in any industry who simply cares about ethics in your organisation. The meet ups offer the chance to hear from some fantastic speakers and chat to other people who have the same goals - to have fun and to show that ethics matters.

Visit our Hattusia community page for more information and to join the next meet up.


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