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Our work: The words we use in data

Having teamed up with Defend Digital Me and The Warren Youth Project to consider how the metaphors we attach to data impacts UK policy, our research into children’s policy papers and discussions about data in parliament identified three metaphor groups most commonly used to describe data and its properties.

In this video, we discuss what those three groups are, how the experiences young people and children had to do with data linked back to those three groups, and how changing the metaphors we use when we talk about data could be key to inspiring better outcomes for the whole of society.

Click here to read the executive summary of the report, watch a video of the report being launched at the ODI, and to access the full report.


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This is a good example of a small conceptual analysis and design project. To find out more about conceptual analysis and design please see this blog post. And if you'd like to commission us for a project please get in contact.


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